CRMLS and MLSListings Do Data Sharing; I Comment

While I was traveling, I got the following press release from MLS Listings:

CRMLS and MLSListings Alliance in Real Estate Announced

New Era in Cooperation Creates Property Listings “Gold” for REALTORS®, Buyers and Sellers

San Dimas, Calif. and Sunnyvale, Calif., April 28, 2014 – In a landmark agreement that redefines the concept of cooperation, California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) and MLSListings Inc have inked a data share arrangement that brings REALTORS®, buyers and sellers never-before seen statewide MLS property listings information.

“This new era demands new ideas and approaches to serving the needs of everyone who uses MLSs as their first-source for real estate listings data,” said Art Carter, CEO of CRMLS. “The CRMLS community of professionals has for several years enjoyed boundary free access to real estate data through CARETS, California Real Estate Technology Services, in southern California and now we are expanding that reach to the north with MLSListings.”

Real estate professionals frequently work all sides of the historical lines between northern and southern California because buyers and sellers want access to properties in all parts of the state.

“Technology enables us to maintain our business independence and identity, while providing expanded information access,” said James Harrison, RCE, CAE, president and CEO of MLSlistings Inc. “Sharing real estate information provides real estate professionals with the information they need to advise their buyers and sellers all over the state. This alliance also brings one-stop property information to buyers and sellers in their portal of choice.”

CRMLS and MLSListings will remain independent entities, serving their respective marketplaces; the cooperative alliance is designed solely for the sharing of property listing data for professionals and their clients and customers. The shared data will appear on each public facing website by late summer.


CRMLS is the nation’s largest Multiple Listing Service with over 72,000 subscribers from 39 REALTOR® Associations. CRMLS serves a variety of areas in southern and northern California and the service processes over 100,000 listings and 50,000 sales annually for 12,500 firms.

About MLSListings Inc

MLSListings Inc is the premier multiple listing service (MLS) for real estate listings in northern California, representing more than 16,000 MLS subscribers in approximately 6,000 firms, and facilitating more than $70 billion in annual real estate transactions. We specialize in the counties of Monterey, San Benito, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. The company maintains a public real estate search for homes for sale at

My Response

Good for them. Whoever wrote the release has a flair for the dramatic. Landmark agreement? Redefines the concept of cooperation? I mean, yeah, good job, you guys in sharing data across North and South California but… redefines the whole concept of cooperation?

Reminds me of this comedy routine by Louis CK [NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!!]:

But hey, great for CRMLS and MLSListings. Now, can you guys just merge already? Enough pussy-footin’ around with ‘data sharing’ and such. Don’t redefine the concept of cooperation; just apply the current definition of “merger”. Get ‘er done, guys.


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