Covid-19 and Real Estate

Insights from Top Agent Team Leaders & Brokers

If you are in a leadership position in the real estate industry, this is an essential study filled with real insights based on real research, rather than conventional wisdom or wishful thinking. As the whole world faces unprecedented challenges and potential restructuring of institutions and assumptions, you need the unconventional and the bold to chart your course for the future.

To understand how the real estate industry has reacted to the COVID crisis, and how things would change in the months and years ahead, we spoke to top producing agents, team leaders, and broker-owners who are independent-minded and straight shooters. We know many of those people within our collective networks, and with our experience in real estate industry, we knew what questions to ask. 

This special report is the result of interviews with 16 of these people from across the country. The conversations were frank, open and remarkably honest.

Based on our research, we have put together a special report on how COVID 19 has impacted the day to day business of elite real estate agents, teams and brokerages on the ground. We analyzed what we heard, what we learned, and have crafted logical and workable theses on how this event will impact all segments of the American residential real estate industry: agents and agent teams, brokers and franchises, MLS and REALTORS Associations, and real estate technology vendors. We also provide snapshots into each of the 16 local markets, which will be updated after Q2 to see where we were and where we are.

COVID-19 and Real Estate is priced at $199 per report and intended for a single license. Group discounts are available for 10+ purchases; please contact us to inquire.

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