Seven Predictions for 2016: The 90s Dance Music Edition

2016 Gold Glitter

As you can probably see, this is a special edition of my 7 predictions. I normally post those on my blog at Notorious R.O.B., but not this year! Brad Inman asked if I wanted to share these crazy predictions with the readers of Inman, and I thought, why not? I mean, these are predictions sure to be wrong or your money back, as I say on my blog.

Editor’s note: Hahn, since we’re not on your free blog, but on Inman, which has a subscription product, please note that no one will be getting their money back if your crazy predictions do not come true.

The musical selection for this year’s predictions are inspired by nothing other than the fact that these are now oldies. My girl’s teenage children, never mind my own pre-teen kids, have no idea that these songs even exist.

Shame, I know. But I’ll say that I can’t wait to help DJ weddings of my friends’ kids when we’ll play some of these to get the old fogies out the chairs to boogie. If you’re a Gen-Xer like me, then the ’90s were your prime clubbing days, so some of these are gonna be familiar to you.

If you’re slightly older than the average Realtor of 58 years or so, some of these were the noise you were yelling at us to turn down.

Without further ado, let’s get into predictions sure to be wrong, or your money back!


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