[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Scott Martineau, Brad Nix, OfferBarn

In this episode, I speak with two smart and savvy entrepreneurs who come out of the real estate world: Scott Martineau and Brad Nix. Both have been agents who walked the walk, and are brokers who operate successful boutique brokerages. And both are cofounders of a new iBuyer aggregation service called Offerbarn.

These aggregators (“Kayak for iBuyers”) are popping up left and right and I thought it would be interesting to talk to Scott and Brad both, especially in light of my recent post on agents knowing that iBuyer is for real. They did not disappoint.

So listen in on three guys just talking industry, iBuyers, changes, agents and brokers, and what is going on today in residential real estate.

Conversation with Scott Martineau and Brad Nix, OfferBarn

I could not find a bio of Scott Martineau.

Bio of Brad Nix:

Brad develops strategies to increase business performance through his commitment to learning and doing. As an entrepreneur, he has a proven track record of starting and growing successful businesses, including Maxsell Real Estate which was sold to Century 21, Acru Wealth which was acquired by Community & Southern Bank, and RETSO which became a national conference for doers.

Brad is currently growing Path & Post Real Estate as an independent team brokerage in North Atlanta. He’s an investor/advisor to Reformation Brewery, Georgia’s first craft brewery with three local taprooms. Brad also helped develop OfferBarn as a comprehensive instant offer platform to help agents generate quality leads, provide instant offer service, and deliver strategic analysis for sellers.

Path & Post started in partnership with Becky Babcock as a team which lead the nation in sales for 3+ years under the ERA Franchise prior to opening as a boutique team brokerage. Their successful transition has been covered by many publications, including the Atlanta Business Chronicle and Inman News.

Ultimately, Brad believes the best stories are experienced, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and doers make ideas happen.

About OfferBarn:

OfferBarn is a comprehensive instant offer platform. A modern, customizable platform to generate leads, get multiple offers, and give sellers the clarity they deserve.

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