The Notorious Interview: Jeff Fangman, Home Security Expert & REALTOR

This is a special pandemic edition of the Notorious Interview, which I am making public for everybody.

With all that is going on, one of the things that people have gotten interested in is the question of security and home protection. It makes sense. Suddenly, the entire family is home, the kids are being homeschooled, and families have stocked up on water, food, medicine, the essentials. Many of them have started wondering, “How do I protect my family in case of civil unrest?”

I have received several questions from friends of mine in real estate who know that I am a fairly serious shooter: I shoot USPSA, IDA, 3-gun (none of them well, mind you, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying), and have been interested in the subject for a while now. But that doesn’t make me an expert, so I was leery of advising anybody.

Well, I happen to know someone who is an expert (even if he hates saying he is) and is in the real estate industry after 27 years as a United States Marine, reaching the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant, the highest enlisted rank in the Marines. A big part of his duties and training was in physical building security, including senior officer housing.

There are, of course, other experts in home security in the world, but Jeff is someone who has been trained, who did the work at the highest levels of the military, and knows his stuff.

I thought his perspective would be valuable for people who find themselves worried about protecting their families, so wanted to get him on a quick podcast and share it with you.

Many thanks to Jeff for spending time with me today, and for offering his tips and advice on a timely topic. He can be reached at

Conversation with Jeff Fangman, Home Security Expert & REALTOR

Bio of Jeff Fangman:

A Midwesterner at heart, Jeff was born and raised in Illinois, but has lived in numerous places throughout his 27-year career in the United States Marines, reaching the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant before retiring in 2018. He has lived in seven states and internationally, and has moved more times in nearly three decades of serving our country than he has fingers and toes. If anybody understands the challenges and excitement associated with moving and has first hand experience with the stresses involved, it would be Jeff.

After receiving certification as a Unit Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Advisor, he implemented and supervised Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection plans, policies, and procedures for Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2 and the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Headquarters. He served as the Physical Security Officer and the Access Control Officer, and represented the Squadron as a member of the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Physical Security Council and the Crisis Management Team. During this time, he managed policies associated with headquarters security and delivered area specific anti-terrorism briefs to military personnel traveling outside of the Continental United States.

While stationed aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, he created, supervised, and coordinated all training requirements for, and subsequently served as Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Security Augmentation Force; a 50 Marine organization prepared to augment security during times of increased threat conditions.

Jeff expects the best from the people he works with, while recognizing that everyone has different needs, strengths and weaknesses. He spent many years as a mentor, a confidante and the guy who got things done. He will continue to be that person for you.

After traveling the world, he still finds himself rooting for ‘da Bears. His wife, Laura, is a fan and we’ll say the kids (maybe by force) are Bears “fans” as well. Of course, there’s no football like Vols football! He appeared in Season 3, Episode 9 of the TV series, JAG and hasn’t played Scrabble with his wife in over 15 years, since she doesn’t take kindly to losing.

Jeff is a licensed REALTOR since 2019, and is looking forward to helping you with all of your property needs.

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