The Blueprint Sessions, Episode 1: Bryan Copley, Citybldr

I am tremendously excited to bring you a new project, The Blueprint Sessions. What the hell is that?

The Blueprint Sessions is a monthly podcast for exceptional founders of exceptional Real Estate startups.

Basically, it started with me and Albert having a discussion one night over dinner: 1. Who are the people disrupting the real estate industry? and 2. How can we help them?

To answer the first, I reached out to Drew Meyers from Geek Estate Mastermind, a thinktank and leading network of Proptech startups and industry specialists. To answer the second I recruited Albert Hahn, ex-startup founder and ex-Head of Google for Startups Korea (who also happens to be my brother) as well as Lynette Keyowski, Managing Partner of REACH Canada, NAR’s accelerator arm.

We think there is precious little space for startups in the real estate space to tell their stories to those who most need to hear them: potential investors, business partners, and forward-looking industry influencers who want to know what is next in real estate. Besides the financials and the strategy, we also wanted to explore the human stories of these incredible entrepreneurs who are making our future. We wanted to know, why did they start their company? What is it that they see that the rest of us don’t see with the same clarity? What do they most worry about and what are they most excited about?

So we decided to just do it, and here we are. This is still very much in its infancy, but we think we can grow this to be something of use both to the startups themselves and to the community at large. Because Notorious has the best informed audience in the industry, and so many of you are leaders responsible for staying on top of the latest in real estate and in proptech, I am optimistic that you will forgive us for our shortcomings and will provide suggestions for improvement as we go.

Without further ado, Episode 1.

This inaugural episode features Bryan Copley, Founder & CEO of Citybldr (​), a fascinating startup based on Seattle who is re-envisioning what a city could be.

“We build technology that understands every property’s highest and best use.”

Their story is one worth telling and hearing.

Episode 1: Bryan Copley, Citybldr

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