The Notorious POD Ep 14: LEAP & The Role of the MLS in 2021

I recently listened to Greg Robertson’s Listing Bits podcast, the episode in which he discussed LEAP with Sam DeBord and Michael Wurzer. I thought it was a fantastic conversation, and got inspired to join in. But rather than writing some 5,000 word post, I thought it would be faster and easier to just record this instead.

Basically, I think all these conversations about data standards, data licensing, etc. should happen… but only after we have a conversation as an industry on what it is that the MLS is supposed to do:

  • Help brokers and agents serve their clients, once they acquire those clients? Or
  • Help brokers and agents acquire clients in the first place.

Because I don’t thing the MLS can do both. And all attempts to do so over the past 20 years have led us to this point.

In any event, please check it out. Also, please see links to the various posts from Michael Wurzer and Sam DeBord below the podcast embeds.

Thank you!


Ep. 14: LEAP & The Role of the MLS in 2021

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