The Notorious POD Ep 21: Thomas Park of Reitium on Blockchain and Real Estate

This is the first of my Blockchain and Real Estate investigation series. I hope to conduct a number of these as this new technology seems to be much talked about in the world of finance and computing. I’ve written on the topic in the past, but I didn’t see the impact a couple of years ago; I think maybe it’s time to take it more seriously in 2021 and beyond.

So in this episode of the Notorious POD, I speak to Thomas Park, CEO and Cofounder of Reitium, a crowdfunding real estate investment platform that uses private blockchain technology (on IBM Hyperledger) to enable individual investors to invest in commercial and residential properties. We get into the basics, like what is blockchain and why is it relevant to real estate. I ask why blockchain is either necessary or advantageous over centralized database technology. And we have conversations about the promise of this technology for transforming the industry.

Ep. 21: Thomas Park on Blockchain and Real Estate

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Bio of Thomas Park (LinkedIn):

Experienced, acclaimed, and dedicated, Thomas has become a premier realtor, holding 16+ years of experience selling properties in one of the hottest markets across the globe.

Selling $500+ million in real estate and winning multiple awards over the years has helped Thomas become one of the most sought after realtors in Vancouver.

He entered real estate after the dot com boom & bust in the 90s, where he launched tech businesses, exited companies, and rode the wave of the web 1.0 era.

His expertise in real estate, business, and technology-led him on the path to co-creating REITIUM, a startup that has created a world-class real estate investment platform.

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