I never set out to be some sort of a public speaker. Probably because of childhood trauma. You see, I was on the speech and debate team in high school, when the one and only competition I went to, my coach assigned me to extemporaneous humor speaking. Yes, that means approximating standup comedy for ten excruciating minutes in front of judges with a watermelon’s sense of humor. A particularly mean, cruel, and spiteful watermelon who just got dumped by her boyfriend.

Yet, like many things I enjoy, it sort of fell in my lap. Apparently, my lack of inhibitions in asking uncomfortable questions and pointing out what seems plain as day to me is entertaining and educational to people. Hey, I’m happy to entertain, educate, and elucidate. Especially if I think there’s a reasonable chance that someone in the audience might actually find something I said useful for improving her business. Or her life in general.

So if your company, Association, wedding, bar mitzvah, or funeral needs someone to speak eloquently and gesture expansively, drop me a line at rhahn@7dsassociates.com.

This is me at Stefan Swanepoel’s T3 Summit a couple of years back giving a now-famous (infamous?) presentation called the Three Black Swans of Real Estate.

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