Absolutely Brilliant

Kudos to Trulia for this:

Trulia Voices is one of the most popular parts of our site. Our rapidly growing community has done a great job asking and answering real estate questions. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our RSS feed widget for your Trulia Voices Answers. You’ll now have the ability to broadcast your Voices Answers directly on your website or blog. It’s a great way to expand the conversation.

The rest of the post is an illustrated, step-by-step instructions for anyone with even a modicum of Web savvy to put one of these widgets on his or her site.

This is frankly brilliant on Trulia’s part.  It’s agent users get a valuable tool/feature, and that in turn encourages them to participate more on Trulia’s website, which drives traffic and ad revenues.  (An aside: Why wouldn’t some of the top Trulia Answers agents be entitled to a share of the ad revenues Trulia is generating on their content?)

Oh yeah, if you’re a Big Brand or a Big Brokerage Company or a MLS… worry.  That’s one more thing your agents won’t need you for.


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