Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty

I suppose the fate of Ozymandias ought to keep things in perspective, but… at the same time, considering how much time and energy it has taken, I can’t help but crow a bit about what we just released.

As some of you know, my day job is as the VP of Marketing for Onboard — the premier data and geography company in the real estate industry. Over the past six months, I’ve been working on a total update of the brand from soup to nuts. New logo, new name, new website, new everything.

This has been, to say the least, extraordinarily difficult and time consuming. Reinventing a company’s brand is never easy, but it’s even more difficult when what you do is somewhat nebulous and difficult to explain. I think we managed rather well.

We launched the new brand and the new website last night. Take a look here:

Onboard Informatics

We changed the name, changed the logo, changed the color scheme, changed all our collateral, changed the website, and launched a new blog to boot. 🙂

Yes, it took a while.  And a lot of discussion.  Make that a LOT of discussion.

Ultimately, I’m happy with the new direction of the brand; it more accurately reflects our personality, our market niche, and our aspirations.

I’d love to hear from y’all what you think.


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Managing Partner of 7DS Associates, and the grand poobah of this here blog. Once called "a revolutionary in a really nice suit", people often wonder what I do for a living because I have the temerity to not talk about my clients and my work for clients. Suffice to say that I do strategy work for some of the largest organizations and companies in real estate, as well as some of the smallest startups and agent teams, but usually only on projects that interest me with big implications for reforming this wonderful, crazy, lovable yet frustrating real estate industry of ours.

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