Rob & Joe Debate Stuff Today at 4:15PM EST

Im the better looking one...
I'm the better looking one...

So Joe Ferrara and I are going to do a fun little event: a live debate on some topic or another.  We’ve been talking about doing this for a while now, and with Inman behind us, I have time finally to try it out.

So, the time and place and topic:

TalkShoe (Link:

4:15PM Eastern

Topic is Lifestyle Search:

Joseph Ferrara of Sellsius and Robert Hahn of Onboard Informatics discuss whether consumers need or want lifestyle search when looking for homes.

The call-in # is:

Phone Number:
(724) 444-7444
Call ID: 35673

The “debate” is public, which likely means we’ll get about six people showing up. 🙂  But all six of you are welcome!


UPDATE: The call was a lot of fun, and I owe many thanks to the various folks who participated.  You can listen to the recording here.

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