The First Ever Notorious Podcast, with Matthew Shadbolt: On Content

This was such a fun thing to do. Matthew Shadbolt of Corcoran (@corcoran_group) and I did this podcast earlier today about all of the recent content-related conversation.

We ramble on, but hopefully there’s something at least somewhat interesting in here. Let us know what you think. Should we do more of these? Or is this a giant waste of time for you and us both?

On Real Estate Content: Rob Hahn & Matthew Shadbolt by thecorcorangroup

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Rob Hahn

Managing Partner of 7DS Associates, and the grand poobah of this here blog. Once called "a revolutionary in a really nice suit", people often wonder what I do for a living because I have the temerity to not talk about my clients and my work for clients. Suffice to say that I do strategy work for some of the largest organizations and companies in real estate, as well as some of the smallest startups and agent teams, but usually only on projects that interest me with big implications for reforming this wonderful, crazy, lovable yet frustrating real estate industry of ours.

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4 thoughts on “The First Ever Notorious Podcast, with Matthew Shadbolt: On Content”

  1. Hey guys –
    Great podcast – I think you both have some excellent thoughts here. It’s exciting to see how Agent Reboot Miami sparked this whole discussion about content, good content and what Realtors should or should not be spending time on. I really liked your HGTV examples -good point about what the consumers are comparing videos to.

    One thing that you didn’t really cover that I thought is a big point of discussion is content on an agent’s Facebook page. I would be curious to hear both of your opinions on this – maybe a future podcast (after the Foursquare one) 🙂 I think the barrier to entry for FB is obviously lower than a blog and most agents seem to start on FB before they are going to start a blog. I’m also the believer that more agents can do a successful FB page more so than a blog. I think a blog is a huge undertaking and should not be entered into lightly. I would also be interested to hear Matthew’s thoughts on the content he posts to their FB page (which I am a huge fan of) but it’s not from a Corcoran blog – it’s content from outside sources. Would love to hear a discussion about that…

    Anyways, thanks for the podcast and the discussion. It’s definitely an important conversation to have – especially since so many of us are in the business of helping and teaching real estate agents!

    Thanks guys,

  2. Great discussion..I made it all the way through. 

    I 100% agree with what Matthew said at the end related to his frustration with people saying “Corcoran is doing FourSquare, you should do it too”. I don’t know what it is, but agents seem to think there is only ONE way to do online marketing, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I have agents ask me daily “how do I blog and get traffic”? I usually spend 5 minutes explaining there is no one answer for everyone and it depends on X, Y, Z, and Q, and some agents get mad/frustrated at that answer. I’m sure I could make them happier if I just told them do X, Y, and Z no matter what and you’ll see instant riches within 6 months — but that would be bad advice; it depends on their specific business, niche, geographic market, and personality as to what will work and what won’t work. 

    As Darin can attest to, there is a lot of bogus information floating around out there about what works and what doesn’t. People need to start being honest with their advice rather than just trying to please everyone with an answer they want to hear in an effort to drive sales (and screwing over the agent with bad advice in the process). 

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