[VIP] The Notorious Interview: Skylar Olsen, Kathryn Coursolle, Zillow Research

In today’s episode of the Notorious Interview, I have a fantastic conversation with a pair of economists from Zillow Research, which publishes an annual Consumer Housing Trends Report.  It is one of the best research studies on what is happening on the ground with buyers, sellers and renters. Ms. Olsen is the Director of Economic Research, and Ms. Coursolle is the Senior Survey Economist.

We talk about what they found, but focus on Millennials and housing, as that is a personal passion of mine. The future of housing cannot be separated from the future consumer, after all.

It’s hard to describe more than that, so you should just listen to the Interview.

Conversation with Skylar Olsen, Kathryn Coursolle, Zillow Research

Bio of Skylar Olsen:

Skylar joined Zillow in the summer of 2012 and investigates housing markets all across the country and the importance of place in economic outcomes. She is also dedicated to sharing housing data with policy makers as well as academic and non-profit researchers to further understanding on a whole host of issues. She currently holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Washington, specializing in econometrics and environmental economics and was honored for teaching excellence by the University of Washington.

Bio of Kathryn Coursolle:

Kathryn joined Zillow in March 2018 working to create survey data and comprehensive research to understand the demographic and housing patterns of buyers, sellers, renters, and homeowners. Before joining Zillow, she worked in institutional analytics for Capella University. Kathryn also worked for the University of Minnesota to integrate and disseminate census and government survey datasets to the public. Kathryn received her Ph.D. in Sociology/Demography from UCLA and a Master of Business Administration from Capella University.

About Zillow Research:

Zillow Research Mission Statement:

“Zillow Research aims to be the most open, authoritative source for timely and accurate housing data and unbiased insight. Our goal is to empower consumers, industry professionals, policymakers and researchers to better understand the housing market.”

Our Research Principles:

  1. Zillow Research provides unbiased data and analysis about the housing market in a transparent way. Whenever possible, the team makes code and underlying data available so work can be replicated independently. Methodology is always clearly explained.
  2. Zillow Research is independent of Zillow’s business goals, and is not a revenue center.
  3. Zillow Research is open about how data sources and data quality impact research, and is transparent about potential issues with data used.
  4. Zillow Research benchmarks findings against outside datasets whenever possible to ensure accuracy and appropriate context.
  5. Zillow Research respects the integrity of data and uses it honestly, and never manipulates data to create a desired result. We are data- and fact-driven.

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