[VIP] The Notorious Interview: John Campbell, Stephens

I speak again with John Campbell, Managing Director of Equity Research at Stephens, Inc., a powerhouse regional investment bank and private equity firm based in Little Rock. He is one of the finest analysts of the small corner of the public markets that real estate represents and I have consistently found his coverage to be really interesting.

John recently attended the Inman conference in NYC and came away with some thoughts and conclusions based on what he saw and heard. Given that he’s very smart, but still an outsider to the industry, I wanted to get his take on where he sees the industry heading. And he was kind enough to spare some time right as earnings week approached.

Unfortunately, my computer dying on me plus travel plus trying to get my thoughts on Redfin and Zillow out got in the way of publishing this, but I think his insights are incredibly valuable on the direction of the industry as a whole.

As before, t’s a wide-ranging conversation presenting the Wall Street take on what they see going on in real estate.

Conversation with John Campbell, Stephens

LinkedIn Bio of John Campbell, Managing Director, Stephens:

John is a research analyst covering real estate-related stocks across a handful of industries. John joined Stephens in 2011 as a research associate in the business services and insurance brokerage space. He was promoted into a lead analyst role in 2014 and has since built and currently leads the Firm’s Real Estate Services practice. Prior to joining Stephens Inc., John spent time as a corporate strategy planning analyst at FedEx. He holds a BA in banking & finance and an MBA from Ole Miss.

About Stephens, Inc.:

We are an independent financial services firm with the freedom to focus on what matters most: building value for our clients. We are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships based on integrity and trust and delivering long-term results based on deep research and independent thinking.

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