Industry Relations Ep. 44: What Forbearance Means for Mortgage Markets – with Rob Chrisman

Happy Friday, everybody! Hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy, and in as high a spirit as possible given our current situation.

Just a quick post to let you know that Greg Robertson and I recorded an episode of Industry Relations with Rob Chrisman, a widely-recognized expert in the mortgage industry. We discuss what the current rules and programs allowing (and strongly suggesting letting them) borrowers to skip mortgage payments means for the mortgage finance industry. We get into some details about how mortgages work, how the secondary market functions, and what’s going on today.

As with everything else in this time of cholera, things are changing day by day, so we hope our insights remain valid. But it’s important for real estate brokerage side of the industry to understand the risks and perils facing the finance side of the industry. Without mortgages, there are precious few home sales.

Here’s the episode:


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Rob Hahn

Rob Hahn

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4 thoughts on “Industry Relations Ep. 44: What Forbearance Means for Mortgage Markets – with Rob Chrisman”

    • More important then who’s gaping on the pod cast… where can one can go to get data on unemployment figures that are mounting, like say break downs that might prove useful in understanding who’s been paused as potential buyers or who will possibly be a future short sales or foreclosures etc. (beyond travel and restaurant employees or is that the main bulk of the figures…. or is there underlying industries also being affected that people haven’t picked up on yet too?)
      Would love to deep dive into what the underlining stats are in the 16 million etc who’ve filed unemployment thus far ( like what percentage are renters or home owners?) Also would be interesting to know salary ranges and industry they hail from as data points etc? Is this kind of intel readily available? If so that would be a really interesting podcast as well! Curious Joi

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