Notorious POD, Ep 26: Blockchain and Real Estate with Eric Bryant

We return to exploring blockchain technology in real estate with a man whose name was the most often mentioned when I asked my audience for who to speak to. Eric Bryant is a longtime real estate coach and his day job is as the national account director at First American. But he is also the head of southern California chapter of, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise.

We get into some of the details about the tech and real estate and where we’re at with this technology, what he sees as the real opportunities, and what needs to happen for the industry to get there. As is normal for this series, we’re trying to avoid getting too technical but frankly, we can’t avoid it entirely.

Notorious POD, Ep. 26: Blockchain and Real Estate with Eric Bryant

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2 thoughts on “Notorious POD, Ep 26: Blockchain and Real Estate with Eric Bryant”

  1. This is disappointing, coming from a First American employee.

    It’s really sort of garbage.

    He actually just said that ‘licensed/NRDS’ folks are the trusted authority for verifying beds/bath/square foot ect.

    THAT’s fucking terrifying. TRUSTING a 1099 bobblehead with their 90 hours of training to be honest…. in a NAR governed industry where they really do not enforce their own standards of conduct.

    The County Assessor and the Parcel ID do already do a pretty swell job with that….. concerning that the Assessor is part of the process determining the tax value and that the property is real.

    When he said the garbage about ‘people can use ESRI’….. yeah. They already have that. ON THE COUNTY site. (It’s really uncommon for ESRI to already not be the map solution facing the public on County Assessor sites. The difference is that County Employees update the real estate data, NOT ESRI)

    States like MN already have a process to accurately track statewide sales = the eCRV program. First American knows what it is….. and they know it’s accurate. Without being block chain related. Imagine that…. a quality first-class record-keeping process, for SQL-oriented databases. Without the blockchain carpet baggers.

    And Rob? ‘Hashing’ can be checked and verified in a SQL database. Any 12 year old pirating the latest game knows how to check the hash on the cracked .exe that they download.

    It’s good to hear him say that he is not a ‘coder’ or anything.

    It ‘almost’ excuses him when he tries to plug ‘and you can just OCR _____ millions of public records’…… (Like First American does) …… and First American Fails at that ‘pretty on the regular’, if you were to actually use one of their API’s and inspect mortgage data. The OCR’d mortgage data has it’s absolute point of failure with this. It’s not HUMAN verified. Not enough to be a deal-breaker, record by record, but enough to make you look sideways at him when he says this in the video.

    • Agreed. While this level of knowledge on blockchain (in general AND as it pertains to real estate) is probably enticing while standing around the Boomer water cooler, it doesn’t even qualify as foundational knowledge.

      I’m sure the interviewee is a great person, but I think we all expected some level of vetting here.

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