Announcement: Special Free Webinar on Millennial Homebuyers During the Pandemic

Many years ago, I had a project called HearItDirect. It was a live on-stage focus group, where we asked a panel of actual buyers and sellers about their real estate experiences.

With all that has happened in the past two years, with the COVID pandemic first making buying or selling a home difficult, then the insanity of the housing market over the past two years, I thought it might be interesting to put a panel together of actual consumers to ask them about their experiences.

The group that has faced the greatest challenges in becoming homeowners during the pandemic years is, without question, Millennials. Home prices skyrocketed, just as they were facing enormous economic difficulties. We want to know what they went through to become homeowners, and how they like it now.

We will feature 3-4 people, focusing on the first-time Millennial homebuyer, who purchased their homes in the past two years. We want to know what the process was like, what the barriers were, what they liked, what they hated, what their experience with and perception of real estate agents, mortgage process, and the closing process are. We want to know what homeownership is like for these young families.

We want the real estate industry to learn what to do and what not to do, by hearing it directly from the source: the consumer.

So this here is the free webinar. There are only 500 seats available, since that’s what my software allows. I doubt we get that many, but hey, who knows?

Special Consumer Panel: Millennial Buyer Experience During the Pandemic

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Rob Hahn

Rob Hahn

Managing Partner of 7DS Associates, and the grand poobah of this here blog. Once called "a revolutionary in a really nice suit", people often wonder what I do for a living because I have the temerity to not talk about my clients and my work for clients. Suffice to say that I do strategy work for some of the largest organizations and companies in real estate, as well as some of the smallest startups and agent teams, but usually only on projects that interest me with big implications for reforming this wonderful, crazy, lovable yet frustrating real estate industry of ours.

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