Notorious POD, Ep 35: Housing Market and Metaverse with Keith Robinson, Nexthome

A great pleasure to be able to record a conversation with my good friend Keith Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer of Nexthome. We actually argue quite a bit about all kinds of topics, and this was a public capture of discussions we have privately. It turns out that friends can have healthy back-and-forth debates and learn from each other. I know I learn a ton from Keith, and I hope you can learn a few things from (and be moderately entertained by) two real estate nerds nerding out about nerdy topics.

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Keith Robinson is the chief strategy officer for NextHome, Inc. He develops and oversees the implementation of key strategic business relationships to further our national growth. Keith has an extensive background in real estate, including experience in national business strategy, operations, sales training, recruitment, motivation, and effective marketing. His collaborative approach fosters the development of successful, long-term results-driven partnerships for NextHome members.

Before joining NextHome, Keith operated Prosper Marketing Inc. as the chief strategic officer. Previously, he was the COO of Better Homes & Gardens Mason-McDuffie Real Estate, the nation’s 19th-largest real estate company, where he oversaw operations for 35 offices and more than 1,300 REALTORS®. His business acumen is also built on earlier experience as a consultant at SmartZip, as a vice president at North Point Real Estate Investment Services, and a team leader for Keller Williams Real Estate.

Keith was born and raised in Oakland, California, and holds a BA in business administration from Missouri Southern (go Lions!). He had worked with nearly everyone on the NextHome senior management team before coming to join them, following the old “If you can’t beat them” adage. His greatest accomplishment by far is being the father of daughter Reese.

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