Nick Bailey, Iceman and Maverick Discuss Crypto, NFTs, Web3

A reader sent me this episode of Keeping It Real, a podcast/YouTube video that Nick Bailey the CEO of RE/MAX does. It was on the topic of crypto, NFT, Web3, and such featuring two expert guests: Sam Debord of RESO and Tony Giordano of Giordano Industries, a real estate coach and author. For some reason, I found it hilarious that Tony calls Sam “Iceman” and himself as “Maverick” from the old Top Gun movie. #GenXForever.

It’s an interesting discussion, and here it is:

There’s a lot of interesting discussion here. A lot of it I agree with, and a lot of it I differ with the panelists on, but hey, opinions are like… uh… noses: everyone has one. Unless you’ve been caught in a terrible accident.

The one observation I will make (and will continue to make probably forever) is how they really don’t talk about the central feature of blockchain and web3 technology: decentralization. Sam “Iceman” Debord at one point says real estate is decentralized because there are hundreds of MLSs and Associations and brokerages.

I mean… yes… I guess… if we’re comparing that to Big Tech. But there are dozens upon dozens of banks, and nobody thinks banking is decentralized.

Finally, I find it very interesting that a third of the agents on the stream said crypto and blockchain has everything to do with real estate. That’s a high number. Penetration and interest within the industry are far higher than I had imagined.


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Rob Hahn

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