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Quick Take – February 23, 2020

I missed last week’s Quick Takes; mea culpa. I believe I was in the air somewhere over Louisiana when I realized. So we’ll just have

Quick Take – February 9, 2020

It says something about the world we live in when a work of fiction makes a lot more sense than the news headlines. If you

Quick Take – February 2, 2020

Well, I know the date says February 2, 2020 but… that was the Superbowl last night. So it’s going out the day after the historic

Quick Take – January 26, 2020

The new website is finally here. If you’re reading this on the website, you already know that. If you’re reading it via email, then consider

Quick Take – January 12,2020

So… I just learned today that my Mailchimp was on the fritz again, so you might not have received any Quick Takes for a while.

Quick Take – January 5, 2020

It’s a new year and a new decade, so welcome to the first Quick Take of 2020! I realize both the writing and the Quick

Quick Take – December 15, 2019

Welcome to another issue of Quick Takes. Notorious TL;DR Since we last did a Quick Take, here are the new posts up on Notorious. Because

Quick Take – December 6, 2019

So apparently, a bug in my Mailchimp meant that the last two Quick Takes did not go out. I have the dev fixing it right

Quick Take – November 22, 2019

Happy Friday, everybody. Has it really been almost a month since I did one of these? It sure does look that way, since my last

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