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The Burden of Leadership

UPDATE:  I have been asked to take this post down by my colleagues at OnBoard, as they feel there is a conflict of interest inherent

How Do You Compete With WalMart?

So I’m trying to put my thoughts on cluetrain real estate together.  And while all those thoughts are swimming around my head, I read this

Further Proof that NAR is Out of Touch

Thanks to InmanBlog, I learn that there is an ethical dilemma brewing in  It appears that NAR has promulgated a new standard This standard

Good Advice from Joe Ferrara

Over on Homegain’s blog, his new home, Joe Ferrara has a set of excellent advice for real estate agents: As in any profession, you get

Inspiration and… Real Estate?

Garr Reynolds, at Presentation Zen, is a must-read blogger/writer/authority on presentations for anyone involved with marketing, communications, or any sort of presentations.  He also has

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm…

So… I assume there’s still some sort of a raging blogwar going on about Greg Swann, but when the man is right, he’s right.  His latest

Getting On the Cluetrain, No. 1

(Image from, by MarkyBon) There must be some sort of a zeitgeist (literally, “time spirit”) going around the, like some sort of a

Feel the Power of the Dark Side

With everyone focusing on the gloomy residential real estate market, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what’s happening over on

The Future of Brokerage Paper

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