The Truth About Millennials and Housing with Nicole Lopez

I’m quite excited to bring you this post, largely because it is about showcasing someone else’s work that needs showcasing. This is an interview of Nicole Lopez, the team leader/owner of The PR Group with Compass in Houston. She is not just a successful REALTOR, she is also a rising leader in the local and state REALTOR Associations, and she is a Millennial.

I recently saw an amazing Facebook Live that Nicole did, in which she presented some real numbers and statistics that show the truth about Millennials and the financial situation they are facing and what that means for their homeownership dreams. It is no secret that Millennial homeownership rates are far below what Gen X and Boomer homeownership rates were at the same ages. The question is why.

Being a Millennial herself, Nicole did a wonderful job of presenting facts and figures and helping people understand what is really happening to her generation. It was a fantastic presentation. The thing is, Nicole was having some network issues so the video was marred by technical difficulties. I wanted to try and get her message out to everyone, so we did the rare video interview, which I am now so pleased and so honored to be able to present to you.

This is such an important issue for all of us, and one to which the real estate industry needs to pay real attention.

Without further ado, here is Nicole Lopez, young REALTOR leader, on the truth about Millennials and housing.

Nicole Lopez, on the Truth About Millennials and Housing

The interview is unedited, except for adding the title, her information, and my little flourish at the end. 🙂

Many thanks to Nicole for taking the time to share her data and her message with me and with all of us.


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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Millennials and Housing with Nicole Lopez”

  1. Good discussion on the topic. This is like one of those Dave Ramsey calls where the person making $14/hr. has $50K in credit card debt. Clipping coupons isn’t going to solve it. We’re going to need millions of new houses.

    Is it possible Nicole’s numbers for 1979 were adjusted for inflation? The U.S. Census stats for ’79 say that the median income for household income where both spouses worked is $27,670. (Their page number 3 of this document )

  2. Our dear president never told us that the country is in bankruptcy.Since we moved all of our manufacturing jobs to our “friends” in China, we killed the future of our kids in the name of “GREED”
    Low interest rates in banks is a guaranteed formula for a bubble.The U.S is running a fake economy by giving the people free money. That creates a demand and increasing the housing prices, creating an illusion that life is a flower. ” Make America great again” What a joke.

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